Sunday, November 2, 2014

Autumn colour and Knitsonik

There are beautiful colours out there at the moment and we are enjoying some slow meandering walks involving much stick collection, tree bashing and pointing out the bagder holes repeatedly...(we being the wee man - I however have been mostly doing my best to coax him back to the house with raisins).

But this bramble really caught my eye - almost every colour of the rainbow on one single length of bramble...

I have been collecting leaves and photos, and thinking about colour a lot, particularly as this awesome book arrived at my house this week...

I featured Felix on the blog back in April and will be having her back here this week, so I will talk more about the book then, but I am so excited to have the book finally in my hands! In the short periods of time where the two little people are sleeping (and I am not) I have been reading bits of it and it is exactly the kind of book I love - a real workbook!

I am also extremely impressed by Felix managing to get a KNITSONIK frank on her envelopes! How great is that!

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