Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hunter's Moon Art Trail 2013

This was the last year of the festival - at least in its present form, so we had to party extra hard this year. (Or at least as extra-hard as it gets with a toddler in tow...)
Some pictures from the Art Trail below...

Above is Sam Salem's meditative video installation which had two different screens showing footage taken in a Roscommon forest. Slow-motion views of the wind moving through the branches and typically Irish dramatic light changes went with a gentle and evocative sound piece.

Stephen Rennicks had a whole booth with information about his intriguing and humourous alternative guide to County Leitrim, where fact mixed with fiction to leave you wondering what was real and what was fantasy. 

Striking black and white drawings from Alan Doyle.

Above are Cian O'Neill's delicate and detailed drawings using microscopic images of plants as source material. (Hard to photograph the amazing detail!)

Ciaran Og Arnold had a series of black and white photographs of Ballinasloe during the night. They had that beautiful rich image quality that only comes with analogue photography.

Cormac O'Leary had a series of paintings called the Halloween Mummers - dark works of people dressed in strange costumes.

Gavin Porter had a series of detailed and well-crafted etchings.

McLoughlinPhelan had a video piece with some beautiful imagery and interesting sound recordings.

Above are Katie O'Neill's nature-inspired prints.

Roisin McNamee had an interesting piece involving knotted cotton cord and electronic components.

I spent some nice moments sitting on a cosy couch listening to Natalia Beylis's daily field recording diary.

Its hard to believe that was the last year of such an amazing festival. It was great to see so many amazing performers and artists converge on our tiny town. I'll miss it!

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