Friday, November 29, 2013

Felt Cloud Mobile Kit give away

I've just listed my Felt Cloud Mobile Kit on Etsy, in honour of the cloudy weather we have been having here lately.

 And even better, I am giving a kit away on facebook.

To enter go to my facebook page and either share the post, like my page or sign up here on my blog to my email newsletter. Just leave a comment on my facebook page to say you have done one of these and I will randomly select a winner on Tuesday. All the details are on facebook.

The kit will teach you how to wet-felt and has everything you need to make a lovely wool cloud mobile.

I'm proud of this kit as it is totally made from sustainable materials and the entire kit is compostable (not that you'd want to compost it particularly) - instead of polyfil stuffing it uses combed fleece from Texel sheep. 
There are more details about the kit in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wovember continues...

...and the woolly activities do too.

Thanks to team Wovember for publishing my story of spinning Jake's wool over on the Wovember site. Lots of great woolly articles up there for your perusal. It will likely take me 'til next Wovember to manage to read them all!

In other sheep-related news, the ladies have been carted off in our rather shoddy lets-pretend-its-an-animal-trailer-even-though-we-used-a-louvred-door-to-make-part-of-it affair. Thankfully, they arrived intact.
 They have gone to our awesome neighbours to visit Umber - a ram we have borrowed from another farm, who sadly is showing very little interest in them, despite much playing of romantic choonz...and tips for getting sheep in the mood?
 Csibi the goat has gone to visit Chuck the Buck...but that's another story, suffice to say all seems to be progressing smoothly on the goat romance.
 Not wool -related, but chickens have been found throughout my Dad's house. Nothing new there.
 As part of the Wovember WAL (Wool-a-long) I have dragged Scaredycat's fleece out and am spinning a range of greys from her wool. Mmmmm....squishy goodness. Going is slow to be honest with everything else that needs doing at the moment, but it's at least nice to do a bit and get some spinning mojo back.

Also not wool related, but bongos have been acquired, much to someone's gratitude. A classic Lidl purchase - I went in for olives and came out with bongos. Which reminds me of the Ballad of Lidl and Aldi - definitely worth a listen if you haven't come across it.

Felt fairies have been made in time for Christmas. I will be doing a stall at the Dock market in Carrick on Shannon, on the 15th and 16th of December, and there are some up in the Etsy shop too.

 And I managed to finally finish a hat for my amazing neighbour from her sheep's wool. All that was left to do was to block it (thats kind of like washing it for those of you not wool-wise) but somehow that took me forever. 

That's all the woolly news for now, more to come!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three sounds, three volumes

I had to make a lot of extra cards for my own piece in the Hunter's Moon Score Trail.
People chose to interpret it in different ways, some using my framework and some using their own. There are some examples below.
The whole project made me think of how I look at things and how composers look at things and what the differences are. It made me realise that I look at graphic scores from more of a visual standpoint and composers read them totally differently - as a code for making sound primarily. It was interesting to see how many members of the public used my cards to make a score whose primary focus seemed to be the visual. It was obvious some really thought about sound and thought about representing that sound with this frawework I had supplied. And some made an interesting image which also happened to be a score!

It is hard to break away from your primary discipline but it was a great exercise in trying!

Hunter's Moon Art Trail 2013

This was the last year of the festival - at least in its present form, so we had to party extra hard this year. (Or at least as extra-hard as it gets with a toddler in tow...)
Some pictures from the Art Trail below...

Above is Sam Salem's meditative video installation which had two different screens showing footage taken in a Roscommon forest. Slow-motion views of the wind moving through the branches and typically Irish dramatic light changes went with a gentle and evocative sound piece.

Stephen Rennicks had a whole booth with information about his intriguing and humourous alternative guide to County Leitrim, where fact mixed with fiction to leave you wondering what was real and what was fantasy. 

Striking black and white drawings from Alan Doyle.

Above are Cian O'Neill's delicate and detailed drawings using microscopic images of plants as source material. (Hard to photograph the amazing detail!)

Ciaran Og Arnold had a series of black and white photographs of Ballinasloe during the night. They had that beautiful rich image quality that only comes with analogue photography.

Cormac O'Leary had a series of paintings called the Halloween Mummers - dark works of people dressed in strange costumes.

Gavin Porter had a series of detailed and well-crafted etchings.

McLoughlinPhelan had a video piece with some beautiful imagery and interesting sound recordings.

Above are Katie O'Neill's nature-inspired prints.

Roisin McNamee had an interesting piece involving knotted cotton cord and electronic components.

I spent some nice moments sitting on a cosy couch listening to Natalia Beylis's daily field recording diary.

Its hard to believe that was the last year of such an amazing festival. It was great to see so many amazing performers and artists converge on our tiny town. I'll miss it!