Friday, August 30, 2013

Jake to Shawl...the result

The shawl is finally finished! It's hard to believe it actually went from this... this! (Obligatory cat shot.)

I ended up with three shades of grey, and white and black. 

Starting with the black and working 2 rows of each colour I made a frankenshawl of two different patterns. I began by using the lace edging from Annis (Knitty pattern) sans nupps (working yo, k2tog instead) and then changed to a modified version of the Alma Ella Shawl (Ravelry link). But it worked well, and looks more interesting than just the Annis pattern.

 It's a great feeling to have made something so lovely from our own sheep!!

 I would've liked to use more grey - I don't usually wear white - but I wanted to keep this a single-origin-sheep garment.

The next things to be spun will probably end up being from different sheep.

 But for now I'm enjoying this one! Thanks Jake!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hunter's Moon 2013

Sandra Lulei's paper key installation
Hunter's Moon 2012

Ahh, the year is coming round is time, my friends, to begin preparing for the weirdfest that is Hunter's Moon. Its an exciting time as we figure out who is coming, where they are going and what they are doing. Preparations have begun, meetings have been had, notes have been scribbled lest they be forgotten, and babies have run screaming from one room to another. (And all at the same time.)

Davy Gascoigne's paintings
Hunter's Moon 2012

There is a call-out below for those of you inclined that way. You can see more of last year's art trail here and the previous year's here. And here is a link to the festival site for good measure.
Come out you strange artists! Crawl from beneath the carpet and make your merry way to Carrick on Shannon!

Hunter's Moon Festival Art Trail is seeking submissions from artists in all disciplines

Hunter’s Moon is an intimate festival that gathers together an eclectic mix of outer and experimental art, film, sound, workshops and music across the town of Carrick on Shannon, Co. Letirim.  Returning for its third year with a line-up that will include Rhys Chatam (USA), Paul Metzger (USA), Consumer Electronics (UK), Zomes (USA & Sweden), Jennifer Walshe (Ireland) plus a mix of international and Irish acts, Hunter’s Moon Festival embraces the outer boundaries in audio and visual and creates an engaging space for entertainment and creativity.

The Art Trail has been a vibrant part of the festival for the last two years. This year we are accepting submissions for work in any discipline and on any theme.

Selected artists’ work will be shown in various venues throughout the town, including vacant shops and The Dock Arts Centre, with a map of the art trail and a printed programme produced for festival-goers.

Applicants must be available to deliver and install their work during the week prior to the festival and to collect work on the Monday afterwards. Any work sold will be charged a commission of 15%.  Artists will be in charge of the transport, installation and deinstallation of their work.

The festival runs from the 25th to the 27th of October 2013.

Applicants must submit proposals by email to: huntersmoonart at gmail dot com 

Applications must be accompanied by a short artist’s statement, proposal of intended work/s with photographs where applicable, and examples of recent work – this can be image attachments c. 1MB in size or links to a website or blog.

For more info on the festival and last year’s art trail, including a map and programme, see under “Archive 2012”.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Submission deadline: Wednesday 4th September 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jake to Shawl

 I have been spinning bits of Jake.

One of the perks of having such an uncool hobby as spinning is people asking me to come and do spinning demonstrations at vintage fairs and heritage events. So I get paid to sit and spin. Nice. 
As a result I have gotten a fair bit of spinning done. Jake's fleece is spinning up beautifully - I can definitely say it is the best result I have ever gotten from raw fleece. Perhaps the fleeces I have gotten my paws on before have been just poorer quality, or perhaps I am doing a much better job of preparation than I have previously as I just care more about this fleece. Either way I am really pleased with the results. Look how fine that white yarn is!!!! Check out the lack of massive lumps characteristic of my usual spinning!!!!
I originally hoped to make Jake into a jumper, but as his fleece spun so well into such a fine yarn, I think he is going to be a shawl. I whipped up a sample of Annis (from Knitty) last night - and apart from the fact that I HATE knitting nupps, I think it could look nice. (I was experimenting with replacing the nupps with yo, k2tog.)
By blending his dark brown patches with his white fleece I am hoping to get a nice range of greys, though most of the yarn will be white. I never wear white but it seems somehow inconsiderate  to think of dyeing Jake's fleece! Maybe next year!