Monday, November 19, 2012

Wovember news

Wovember is continuing apace, the Knitsonik badges are out and all is well with the sheep. I've been really enjoying reading the posts on the Wovember site - get on over there if you love sheep (in a healthy and respectable way that is...) and I've been proudly wearing my 100% WOOL badges by the amazing Felix, made from Estonian and British wool fabrics. (Can you tell which is which in the above picture?)
There is a Wovember photo competition running too with great prizes, including a sheep kit by yours truly. So get on down there!

(Obligatory sheep photo...)

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Old Magnolia Tree said...

Hello chicken. Just showed the kids your sheepie bottom picture and we all agree that it is seriously cute. Then Patrick thought twice and said "Outrageous!"