Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hunter's Moon 2012

Well, it's been another great year on the Art Trail at Hunter's Moon, with lots of great work from talented artists and loads of positive feedback from festival-goers and locals alike.

Here is a taste of what we had over the weekend...

 Bold and striking paper cut-outs from Ellie Downey.

 Sandra Lulei's delicate and beautiful installation of handmade paper keys.

 (This looked particularly good at night.)

 Paul Terry's mesmerising projection of shoal movements. Lots of kids kept trying to catch this one as it flitted about the wall.

 The Drone Dome from Willie Stewart proved a popular spot for hanging out and listening to drone music.

 The Mr. E's installation of bizaare and elegantly macabre hats and taxidermy created a dark atmosphere in the Green Gallery.

 Powerful and engaging large-scale portraits from Davy Gascoigne.

Gavin Porter's delicate etchings had a dream-like quality.

 A collection of evocative otherworldly paintings from Jane O'Sullivan.

 Turf Boon's detailed and meticulous drawings drew the viewer's eye in. (More images to come.)

Colourful and surreal paintings from Su Fitzpatrick.

 Ricky Adam's dark photographs gave a sense of desolation and destruction.


Playful and sweet drawings of childhood monsters from Natalia Beylis.


Aoife Barry had a selection of striking and remarkable photos and collage work which worked particularly well in the book shop.

Abstract and moody paintings from Carol Wood.

And finally, a knitted murder scene from myself with text from Istrim Gusset.

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