Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review in Making Jewellery Magazine

 There is a smashing review in the summer issue of Making Jewellery Magazine (UK based) of my Felted Jewellery Kit.

I love seeing what people have made with my kits, so it was great to see so many pictures and hear how easy it was to make.

 And what lovely feedback! I take a long time to write instructions for my kits, with a lot of editing until I am satisfied they could be made by anyone and it's brilliant to hear that it comes across to the users! Yay! 5 stars!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You produce great kits, and it is exciting to get the feedback that others think so, too. :-)

Snag Breac said...

Thank you!!

Old Magnolia Tree said...

I'm totally delighted for you. I always told you that your kits and instructions are brilliant and even my kids can follow them. As they say here, Class!!