Friday, February 24, 2012

Plants just want to grow

This is what I've always found so encouraging about gardening - you plant some seeds and they try their best, despite all your lack of attention - they want to grow.

Sadly the abuse of these seeds was too much! We collected a pile of acorns to plant a year or two back and promptly forgot about them.

When last spring came they all sprouted and reached down to find a bit of moisture, failing to find any in a pretty sturdy ceramic cup. The roots curled round and round, making this woven base that holds them all together in an acorn sculpture.
Of course, they all dried out after dying of thirst...but the results are quite lovely.

Good sculptor. Bad gardener.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and amazing!

Felicity Ford said...

What clever acorns, with their deep will to grow into trees! Sad that they died in the process, but what a lovely thing has been created in the process.