Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Art on your bum

For my birthday this year I was given some money from my father, which I decided I would spend on something very nice instead of sensibly putting it into bills. Thus arrived in the post a skirt kit from Clothkits.
To top it off, this one has a print from Rob Ryan - master of the paper cut! (And not the painful kind.) The price (42 pounds sterling) made me wince a little, but having made it now I would highly recommend them.
The kits come premarked with sizes, from 8 to 16. It was a little lacking in info on what measurements each size was, but after measuring my hips and waist, I decided to try something between a 10 and 12. Being too scared to ruin the kit, I made a paper pattern from it - thus rendering the whole kit idea fairly useless - then tried the paper pattern on some other fabric, made some small adjustments - and then confidently made the real skirt.
I learned a lot from doing it - namely making linings, and what facings are.
Contrary to popular belief I am not much of a seamstress - perhaps because I refuse to accept my limited sewing skills, and think life is too short for basting, tacking, sometimes even pinning.

I have never really learned to sew, merely picking up bits along the way, zips never being my strong point until recently when I learned how to sew a zip in (just google it to find out) and how bloody easy it was - to think I could've been doing this all along instead of making some horrendous pieces of clothing.

Actually, I take that back - I still would have made horrendous pieces of clothing, they just would have had better zips.

Another day I must catalogue the horrendous wonders I have created - there are very few pictures and most of the originals have long since been thrown in the bin. Here is a recent addition:
A pair of hippy pants, converted into a bag. But somehow it is awful - it will always remain a pair of baggy hippy pants...drab, with awful drape and bad zips...

I should definitely follow patterns, the results are far better. And Clothkits definitely have my vote of confidence.

And best of all, its a Rob Ryan print! Amazing! Love it!


ColorSlut said...

AMAZING. Stunning and lovely. I'm going to have to go check them out. You did a really nice job as well!

Gareth and Pati said...

Looking good. Although I bet you've been just waiting for the chance to post a pic of your bum on this blog. Should we follow suit?! ;)

Snag Breac said...

Thanks ColorSlut!

And yes, go for it Gareth and Patti. More bums I say.
As my father once ironically said when we forced him to try on an apron - does my bum look big in this?

lusciousblopster said...

lovely! looks great on you and well done for making it.