Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Art on your bum

For my birthday this year I was given some money from my father, which I decided I would spend on something very nice instead of sensibly putting it into bills. Thus arrived in the post a skirt kit from Clothkits.
To top it off, this one has a print from Rob Ryan - master of the paper cut! (And not the painful kind.) The price (42 pounds sterling) made me wince a little, but having made it now I would highly recommend them.
The kits come premarked with sizes, from 8 to 16. It was a little lacking in info on what measurements each size was, but after measuring my hips and waist, I decided to try something between a 10 and 12. Being too scared to ruin the kit, I made a paper pattern from it - thus rendering the whole kit idea fairly useless - then tried the paper pattern on some other fabric, made some small adjustments - and then confidently made the real skirt.
I learned a lot from doing it - namely making linings, and what facings are.
Contrary to popular belief I am not much of a seamstress - perhaps because I refuse to accept my limited sewing skills, and think life is too short for basting, tacking, sometimes even pinning.

I have never really learned to sew, merely picking up bits along the way, zips never being my strong point until recently when I learned how to sew a zip in (just google it to find out) and how bloody easy it was - to think I could've been doing this all along instead of making some horrendous pieces of clothing.

Actually, I take that back - I still would have made horrendous pieces of clothing, they just would have had better zips.

Another day I must catalogue the horrendous wonders I have created - there are very few pictures and most of the originals have long since been thrown in the bin. Here is a recent addition:
A pair of hippy pants, converted into a bag. But somehow it is awful - it will always remain a pair of baggy hippy pants...drab, with awful drape and bad zips...

I should definitely follow patterns, the results are far better. And Clothkits definitely have my vote of confidence.

And best of all, its a Rob Ryan print! Amazing! Love it!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Look how tiny Earth is next to Jupiter - we could fit loads of our planet into the storm of the Great Red Spot!

And the winner is....Wendy!
Send me an email Wendy with your address and the whole solar system will be in the post to you!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Planets of the solar system....in felt! And its a giveaway!!

(Click on the photo to embiggenate.)
Hooray! The new kit is almost complete!
And yes, it is a solar system. (Well guessed Hope! Send me on your email and I will send you a voucher for my Etsy shop.)

It is a wet-felting kit that provides all the materials and pages and pages of instructions on how to make a felt model of the planets of our solar system. It is a scale model, so the planets' sizes are all relative to each other (which presented a whole set of obstacles designing it - I had no idea just how big Jupiter was before doing this...)

It does not include the sun, as the sun would need to be 49" or 1.25m in diameter to fit in and that would have been way too much felting.

It also includes lots of interesting information about what makes the planets the colour they appear to us, along with some ideas for what to do when you have finished with it, and relative distances between the planets, etc.

I have *really* enjoyed making this kit! Its been mind blowing, learning about the planets, what they are made of, the fact that they have water on them, that it snows on Mars! I can't wait to get it out to people!

So....I am looking for one fabulous person to test it for me.
If you would like to receive a free Planets of the Solar System kit in the post, just leave a comment below or mail me, but only if:

*you have never done wet-felting before* and...

*you can complete the kit, fill in a detailed feedback form and return the form to me within 10 days of getting the kit in the post.*

I will pick one person's name out of the hat on Friday 8th July and post it here. Then I will send the winner out a kit to test.