Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have been knitting...

...this lovely pattern by a Finnish designer, which I have really enjoyed. It is quite complicated, with an 8 row pattern repeat and a 14 row pattern repeat happening at the same time, and at times had my brain doing a version of cerebral twister while trying to get the moss stitch to line up around the neck - something I later realised was impossible.

A couple of things I've read recently have also put other thoughts into my mind...
One was this article on the Fifty Mile Fibre Diet, the idea being to shop local for your yarn. This is something which is remarkably hard to do in a country with lots of sheep. There are three main woollen mills in Ireland, only two of them actually use wool from Irish sheep, and for one of those it is only in some of their wool. Crazy really.

I've also read The Culture of Knitting, kindly given to me by a fellow knitter. Its an interesting read, certainly thought-provoking, if a bit impenetrable at times and also full of lots of stuff I disagreed with. The conclusion, titled "Is the world full of ugly jumpers?" (Yes it is, in case anyone was wondering...), broaches the subject of yet more acrylic yarn made from petroleum being made into horrible jumpers.

All of which reminded me even more how much what I'm knitting with is important to me.
Anyway, not to get into a massive rant on buying local wool...I actually did find some local wool for this project. From Frenchpark in fact, about 20 minutes away from here. And lovely jacob it is too. (I just wish there were more options!) For once, it was also very affordable - 7.70 euro for a massive skein, of which I used maybe 2-3.
Being Jacob, it is a bit scratchy, so I washed it at 30 degrees to felt it somewhat and soften it up. It actually barely shrank at all and made a lovely fabric when washed. Above you can see it pre-washing on the top and post-washing on the bottom.
There it is, all pinned out.
I still can't believe I knitted a whole jumper in moss stitch without going bonkers though.
I highly recommend it as a pattern, although I would ignore the suggestion to knit with 2" of ease, as mine came out quite baggy..

In other news, I painted the door Insanity Blue. Despite the door being completely disgusting with layers of filth and mould and snail trails on it, and the blue being a massive improvement from that, I still can't live with it. It will have to go.
What were we thinking in the paint shop? Its like having a big brush poke you in the eyes every time you walk near it - its that blinding.
In other news, I am very excited to be working on a new craft kit...I love this one!!!...
and there's a 10% off voucher for my shop for the first person who can guess what it is...


Ebauche said...

Hey Caro,

That looks like a really nice jumper. Good work :)


ColorSlut said...

Why yes you have and it looks amazing on you! Great work.

Trekky said...

I discovered your blog via CRAFT, great projects. I especially like the knit your own drugs - I must have a go at them!

Felix said...

Interesting. I dipped into Turney's book whilst writing my thesis.

I didn't read it from cover to cover but I was interested in the bits I read, and I admired the scope of the project... an academic study of knitting and the culture surrounding it.

Your new sweater - and the lovely yarn you used - looks AMAZING! You must be so pleased with it.

The insanity blue must go.

Hope said...

I love the sweater! Looks cozy! Is your new kit a solar system?

Snag Breac said...

Thanks all for the comments all you lovely people...and congratulations to Hope! If you send me on your email I can send you a voucher!

Anonymous said...

Your cardy looks great. I cried when I knitted mine when I couldn't get the moss stitch started up at the neck, but got there in the end! It's a favourite thing to wear now.

I was going to guess solar system! Look forward to seeing the kit.

Best wishes, Jane / Trixie

Snag Breac said...

Thanks Jane, yours actually inspired me to put mine through the washing machine and felt it! Love the colour in yours too!