Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The snow is back...

Frozen lakes...

...foot-long icicles...

...christmas trees...

...massive snowflakes, tinkling like tiny pieces of broken glass under my feet...

...and brave cats, bounding through snow deeper than their legs are long, climbing the hill to look at a snowy Sliabh an Iarainn.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Escape Update

It took until day seven but I finally got out.

High points of being snowed in for a week:

  • Receiving various packages on the days the postman could get in - the package of chocolate was by far the best.
  • Getting loads of stuff done around the house....unsurprisingly!
  • The day I found two duck eggs lurking in the straw. Two!
  • Surprisingly, it was interesting to have only a set amount of ingredients to work with - and to have to be resourceful with these, cooking things I wouldn't have otherwise tried, and living on less - making do with what was there.

Low points:
  • The pine marten coming back into the attic one night.
  • Trying to block up the holes to stop said pine marten getting into the house or into the duck house.
  • The cats puking up worms all over the floor and sofa....mm mm.

Bizarre points:
  • The box of veg my mother posted me, bless her. As she put it, a tuck box. No tuck box should ever contain kale. Ever.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day Four

The frost was the craziest I've ever seen this morning after the freezing fog, with massive spikes covering everything.
That's not a close-up picture above - those little spikes are about 10-15mm long each.

The world was pure white.
I was ridiculously overjoyed to find the ducks had laid two eggs after going on strike the last while - a source of food! Hurray! I won't starve.
Other things I've learned - don't make porridge in the microwave. (Even if you couldn't be bothered defrosting the gas...)
...beetroot cake is still delicious the second day...
...beetroot soup is also still delicious on the second day (but I'm wondering if day 3 and 4 might find it less appetising)...
...I'm thankful that I kept these measly pots of coriander - they are my only fresh veg now...(except for the stick of celery, but I'm saving that for tomorrow's dinner - curried celery...delightful...and seems an apt meal for budget day tomorrow)...

I'm also wondering did the government manage to arrange this - the biggest distraction from bailouts and the budget they could possibly have imagined...Suspicious.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snowed in...

Day three...not quite at stir-crazy stage yet...the last of the fresh veg is gone...the fruit ration has three satsumas left...beetroot soup made...beetroot cake made (actually a great recipe and particularly good with orange blossom icing)...many bean based meals already eaten....many bean based meals to come...much defrosting of gas done...much defrosting of ducks done...

That's the road below...
'nuff said.

'Tis beautiful of course too. But also bonkers - after last year's month-long cold snap it seems strangely normal to be snowed in. There's enough food to last me several months, as long as I'm happy to live on bread, prunes and legumes, the water is finally drinkable and I've got the cats to talk to ("Oh no" says you, "the solitude is getting to her, she's talking to the cats!" "No, no" says I, "sure I was always talking to the cats.")

Anyway, I thought I'd put some pictures up, seeing as I've no excuse now for not updating the blog! I hope you are all warm and cosy somewhere.