Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the midst of busyness

Is busyness actually a word?
Anyway, there has been far too much of it over the last months working on the house - flooring, painting, varnishing, scrubbing doggy dampy smells off things and such like.

There have been quiet moments too, walking up through the woods in the morning to find the wood sorrel glowing in dappled light...
...and the view from the top field of the clouds nestling in the valley.
And the numerical wonderfulness that was my odometer last week. Ahh, the beauty of numbers. If only it had happened on the 11th of November next year....
And dandelions. How incredibly plentiful they are this year, little golden orbs by the side of the road, and all over the garden.
One of the shitter things about living with chronic pain is how it has stopped me being able to look after the garden. I hate watching it getting weedier and weedier as I don't do much. I'm trying to take a new approach to gardening, inspired by a friend whose garden grows a beautiful coloured mish-mash of plants - weeds and non-weeds alike. This time last year I stayed in her house for a while and enjoyed her garden so much. But I was not a tolerator of dandelions in my own flower beds at the time.

Now I am facing the fact that I'm just not able to weed very much. The pain, and the enormous amount of work on the house together make for a neglected garden. Is it time to love the dandelions and live with them? For now that is what I am trying to do.

Asking my gardening friends and some research on the internet leads me to realise what an important plant they are. They are dynamic accumulators - gathering minerals from the soil and making them more available to plants. My friend tells me they indicate the presence of silica and the availability of potassium to plants. And they appear to be incredibly good for you when you eat them.

I'm still not 100% sure I want them in the flower beds though!

But I do love dandelions in the fields.
And everyone has to love the sight of Piper running through fields of them down at my Dad's place.


philippa said...

glad I'm not the only loolah...

(please ignore that I was actually driving when the photo was taken)


Maeve said...

I LOVE the wonder of your odometer! I like to think that you turned off the engine and waited with baited breath for the minute when the flicker happened and then clicked into eleven!

I'm also willfully trying to ignore the dandelions in our garden. If I squint hard enough I can trick myself into thinking they're like a crowd of shabby, old circus lions! They're really lighting up roadsides. I'm just as pleased to hear they gather up minerals too. Great little men!

I always mean to send this blog on to you:
I think you'll love it!

Snag Breac said...

Ah Phil, beautiful. And 8 is such a great number too. Taking photographs while driving is never good though! (Not that I'm not guilty of that myself! Well, not this time anyway!)

And Maeve, yes, I actually ran out of a shop mid-conversation with the shop-lady in order to get back to the car in time.

Very glad to see there are others as obsessive as me in the world!

Milk moon is lovely, thanks for the link.

ColorSlut said...

Great pictures. I love the dog running through all the weeds :)

lusciousblopster said...

beautiful pictures! and the odometer immediately made me think of philippa's, i'm just glad you didn't take it while driving (ahem!). of course neither of you are crazy, i'll show you all the pictures of me with for example a metro clock in mexico at 8pm on the 8th of the 8th 2008...and there is 123456789 day of course...can't want til tens day this year...i'll stop now.
the dandelions are lovely. congrats on your struggles to live with them. a rose by any other name n all that. it's tough but you're inspiring with how you find beauty everywhere. xox