Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Many Coney Islands of Her Mind

I've been working on this travelling case for the Dowager Marchylove, to hold graphic scores I made using stones from the original Coney Island, and sound poetry by the Dowager
It'll be winging its way to New York soon, to the Grupat show in Chelsea Art Museum in April.

The most amusing (and embarrassing) part of this project was creating the paper for the outside of the box - an amalgamation of various diagrams of genitals and rectums from an ancient anatomy book. The woman in my local photocopy shop didn't blink an eye though, as I handed her the book and asked to photocopy all the lovely pictures.
I just ran away as fast as I could after paying...
I think the Dowager will enjoy her new travelling case though, and enjoy bringing it on her sound walks.
For more information on the Dowager,check out these photos of her performing with Tony Conrad, or her bio. Below is an excerpt from it:

The Dowager Marchylove erupted full-grown from the forehead of Archbishop Jack Fox in 1997, blossoming into the world like a gleaming ivory flower and bringing with her a bad, bad love for all the dirty sounds. She got her start taking naughty pictures and has since progressed to naughty sounds


philippa said...

Love it, looks brilliant. Just curious, what do the labels on the lid say?

Snag Breac said...

Thanks Phil.
The labels are the Dowager's sound poetry - little pieces of text inspired by sounds at Coney island. They correspond with the little stone scores - i.e 'rocks tip-crack, clack and slap' is for the white rock with 'kk crk claeh clk' on it. Each describes different sounds on the sound walk - in that case, rocks cracking together.

Unkie Dave said...

The case is simply gorgeous. The Dowager certainly knows how to travel in style.

Snag Breac said...

Cheers, Unkie D!
Well, everyone should have stylish luggage you know...

Christine Raab-Heine said...

This travelling case is great.

I admit I never heard of the Dowager Marchylove before, nor of Grupat and the "Avant Gardai" (laught).

No wonder probably given where I live.

Hope you tell me more about it when we meet next time.


Snag Breac said...

Thanks Christine.
Not many have heard of them yet...their time is yet to come! I will send you and email all about it.

lusciousblopster said...

wow this is so beautiful! and intriguing. really great. i love the ways the shelves go, the embroidered dowager and the label positioning. lovely.