Sunday, December 20, 2009


By popular request...some photos of snow in the midlands.
Above, our road. (Spot the dog...)
Some of the chickens were out in it...
and some sought shelter! (Spot the kettle for thawing their water!)The garden. (While we are at the spotting game, spot the septic tank!)

And, in unrelated but current news, the family brought me a giant lump of Parmesan back from Venice.
Yay cheese! Its not just the picture, it really is as big as my head!


Maeve said...

I wish that Where's Wally game never ended. And what handsome chickens! These beautiful photos make me look forward to going home to the midlands for Christmas!


lusciousblopster said...

giant cheese! always great. or should that be grate...badum tish.

and more great photos - tip top.