Friday, July 31, 2009

Awards and Accidents...

Although living with chronic pain has meant reducing my working life at first to skeleton and then just some dusty ashes of itself, the good news is I am still adding awards to my CV.
In fact, the Longford Show recognised the merits of the work of all the clan - we managed to win 7 prizes between us all. (Although only some of us know how it feels to win first prize...) (The sad pride with which I say that shows just how reduced my life has become)

Breaking with tradition, I entered the category of six best decorated queen cakes...

which duly took the show by storm.

The Da's prize-winning eggs can be seen here in the centre, nestled on a plate of straw.

Unfortunately we had no entries in the Childern's section.

And none for the finest heifer either.

But to round the day off in style, I fulfilled a dream by getting to use a digger to fish ducks out of a tank. (Plastic ducks that is...)

Unlike all the savvy farmers and farmers' sons who got all the ducks out in seconds, I managed to mash the tank with the digger and break it, resulting in a lovely fountain-like sheet of water tumbling gaily out of it for the next while...


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