Thursday, November 27, 2008

The ocas.

How beautiful is the oca?
The day before yesterday I harvested all the ocas and boiled some up for lunch.
They are a south american tuber (like the humble spud) and taste like a kind of lemony potato. I think it is oxalic acid that makes the lemony flavour. Delicious.

Are they not incredible, all knobbly and brightly coloured, coming out of the rich dark soil?

And they are even more surreal looking scrubbed and ready for the pot.

The garden makes life feel so abundant, especially with all the talk of recession. Being able to dig these magical pink and yellow alien beings out of the soil and pick some bright green chard to wilt and serve with them makes me feel so rich.

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Felix said...

So many gorgeous posts.
I have loads to add about Grupat, amazing Chicken post and joy of ocas, but I think I will save them to another time when it isn't 2am and I'm not trying to finish off a load of Xmas presents!
Talk soon,