Friday, October 31, 2008

Samhain and terrific secrets about biscuits

Ignoring the fact that my car is broken down... today is a very beautiful day, The first proper frost coating the fields, and golden sunshine breaking through to thaw it out. I'm really enjoying the crisp starry nights and clear mornings. The garden was a treasure trove this morning of frosty dazzling flowers, sparkling fence-tops and ice-jeweled sheep skulls.

I wonder how soon the passionflowers will stop blooming. Look at them go!

The beech woods up the road are looking amazing too - the leaves turning yellow and golden orange, and providing the best carpet in the world...

And I am enjoying warm drinks at the moment - making plenty of hot apple juice with ginger...mmm...

Meanwhile this rather scary mannequin stands in a shop window in Belleek. Isn't he beautiful? I don't think his mashed condition had anything to do with Hallowe'en.

In the spirit I am today wearing a fairly ridiculous witches hat that I made, inspired by one my fabulous friend Felix once made, which in turn was inspired by one I had! The broom may indeed be dragged out, but unfortunately the black cats are in Cavan.

Felix's hat brings to mind the Hallowe'en she made it and turned up where I lived looking very witch-like and colourful, to share some autumn days together. I recall roasting a rabbit - the first meat I had eaten in many years! It must be a tradition - last weekend I found a hare and cooked it up for another now ex-vegetarian to try! Hurray for roadkill.

And speaking of magic and mystery... a quote on women from a Steinbeck novel I am reading...

"She was a thing of mystery. All girls and women hoarded something they never spoke of. His mother had terrific secrets about biscuits, and cried, sometimes, for no known reason."

So here's to celebrating terrific secrets about biscuits.
Happy Samhain.


spewbuntu said...

We spent quite a bit of time in the beech forest up the road from you after we left you the other day. It was fantastically autumnal, really great spot til you come to the weird unfinished concrete box in the middle of it.

Top work on the hare the other night. We must pursue the fishing trips we talked about before and do some wandering around to find some good spots.

Felix said...

I am very happy remmebering the Samhain spent at yours when you were in Devon.

In fact I may even dig out that old cape and witchy hat to take to the veg knitting workshop tonight... you remember thinking that I had been paid by the pottery place to stand outside and look witchy, so rustic were my garments?

I remember how thoroughly I had embraced the witching fashions...

I hope our workshop goes well tonight; will post pics on blog and let you know how it goes! Will be thinking of you too as you are original co-inventor of improvised vegetables in the round.

I love all your photos and the sense of your life that comes across in them; hooray for Caro's blog!