Friday, October 17, 2008

Ode to my saw horse.

Ahh, the beautiful saw horse. I love my saw horse and I love my draw knife. I love the squeak it makes when I use it and the little gnawing sounds of the knife on the wood.
And the fact that it wobbles a lot.

Out on a walk I found a handy piece of wood, perfect for making a rattle for the upcoming birthday of a one year old boy with beautiful brown eyes. So a trip to the saw horse and much dodgy whittling later, and....voila!

It makes a pleasing woody rattle, coming from the seasoned bits of horse chestnut I saved from a tree that grew in our front garden for most of my life.
We moved and sadly the tree was chopped down, but a conker my mother saved grows in this garden.

And I had to share this little fat-stemmed mushroom lurking in the woods.


Unkie Dave said...

you have a blog! you have a blog!
Amazing, amazing, amazing!
First comes the ih-pud, now a blog! All you need to do now is monetize it (ask Mr K).

I have a book by the rather excellent Biz Stone if you need any tips, he's Mr K's favourite writer, ever. Better than Walt Whitman.

Congrats on the blog, words are great, photos are beautiful.

Felix said...

Wow! Amazing joy of joys. Look at all the stuff you have posted here.
The rattle!
The mushroom!
The sawhorse!
The baby jumper and bootees!
The food!
All amazing.